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Thanks you for subscribing and sharing. I depend on you Radical people to help us grow as humans. I'm honored and humbled to be a part of your life. 

Dec 21, 2020

Merry Christmas! Traditions are meant to be shared, so I hope you will enjoy a special reading of Sam McGee and The Night Before Christmas.

Dec 21, 2020

The announcements. Thanks for the patience, you guys get a bonus Monday show. Life is nuts right now.

Dec 14, 2020

Walter Block swings by Radical to discuss his article about Georgia Libertarians and their moral obligation to vote for Republicans in the Jan 5 runoff. 

An Open Letter To Libertarians

Dec 11, 2020

How does the death penalty open the door to dispatch the State? In this episode Shane leads us thru the death penalty and opens the larger door to the "Trust the Government's Experts" state mantra in this episode of RADICAL

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Dec 7, 2020

FEE's RAD Brad Polumbo and Shane discuss podcasting, student loan forgiveness and the Georgia run off in this fact filled, eye opening episode of RADICAL!

Student Loan Forgiveness

Student Loan Art 2

Georgia Run...